About Swoop Control

Swoop Control® is a black teen owned hair care business that started 2 years ago by 14 year old Lyric Brooklyn Kelly, with $300 and a passion for entrepreneurship. As a vibrant and outgoing teen who loves to be in the spotlight, the idea of being her own boss was an interest that came naturally. When she thought of what kind of product she would like to sell, it needed to be something that would connect to millions of women and girls like her.

After starting to do her hair 2 years ago, Lyric was faced with the reality that finding an edge control hair gel that had a strong hold without leaving white residue was not easy. There always seemed to be a trade-off. Swoop Control® is edge control that promotes hair growth, has super holding power, an amazing fragrance and most importantly NO WHITE FLAKES!

Swoop Control® is also about spreading a message of teen empowerment! Lyric would like all teens to follow their dreams and never settle for less:

 “I could never see myself working for someone else, I always wanted to be my own boss and be in charge of my life…Being my own boss is one of the ways I use to express my creativity, I’ve always loved managing my own time and money. My goal is to display to the younger generation that being your OWN BOSS is dope and instead of undermining your capability take the leap of faith. Life is too short not to follow your dreams, and life is too short for boring edges”

  • Lyric Brooklyn Kelly

Help us spread our message and your edges will thank you in the process. Buy a jar for every women and girl in your life today.


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